High Quality Photography


Every boat that we take onto brokerage is offered the opportunity to have an exceptionally high quality video produced of your vessel both on land and also uniquely, at sea captured using the best DJI Drone equipment.

Only using a fully qualified drone pilot and holder of the PFCO licence we ensure that your boat is captured in the very best way. This is the closest you can get to taking the boat out from the moment you first see a boat for sale, seeing how she sits in the water, how she sails or powers along.



We believe a picture paints a thousand words and the photography of your boat is not taken on a phone and just uploaded to a website but is taken by a professional marine photographer.

The images are careful captured and show off your boat in the very best way. Over 50 images are taken of every boat that we take on brokerage. Statistically the more images you have on a listing the faster the enquiries will come through.


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